Dark Web Monitoring

Identify critical data leaks by monitoring the dark web

On the dark web, people can anonymously buy and sell information illegally, just as two people might meet in a dark alley to exchange cash for illegal goods. Dark web monitoring gives businesses intelligence about leaked data so that they can close security gaps before anything bad occurs.

Service Overview

How dark web monitoring works

The dark web is a set of anonymously hosted websites that can be accessed with specific software, most commonly "TOR" (The Onion Router). These dark websites contain online marketplaces for exchanging illegal goods, including personal information stolen from real people.

It's like a hacker's paradise in real life, where you can purchase information that should not be accessible to anyone else. For this reason, it is necessary to monitor the dark web for data breaches. With Paladin's specialised tools, organisations can detect any potentially sensitive data that has been exposed and take the necessary steps to protect it.


Delving into every dark corner

Paladin scours every corner of the dark web for intelligence that may indicate your business has been compromised, including hidden chat rooms, unindexed sites, private websites, P2P networks, IRC channels, social media platforms, black market sites and tracking over 600,000 botnets.


Alert, report and remediate

We send alerts and reports as soon as any leaked data is found, so your IT teams can quickly act to fix the problem. Even more efficiency can be gained by combining dark web monitoring with our security ops centre, which helps investigate and remediate every threat in real-time.


An essential asset to your security

With more data accessible than ever before, there are increasing opportunities for critical credentials or other sensitive information to be exposed. More exposure leads to more risk and danger, so monitoring potential problems from the dark web is a wise move for any company.

Packaged Services

Dark web monitoring is part of our foundation package

To protect your business from cyber attacks and malicious threats, you'll need a robust defence. Dark web monitoring is only one element of that puzzle. Here at Paladin, we've created packages of services that will help your business to succeed.

assess & prevent
Foundation Package

All the building blocks required to build a strong defence.

protect & respond
Advanced Add-ons

The most advanced strategies available to businesses.

Compliance Packages

Frameworks for legal and best practice security compliance.

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