ISO 22301 Certification

Protect your business against disruption with ISO 22301

ISO 22301 is the world's most widely accepted standard for business continuity management. It provides a framework that businesses may utilise to protect themselves from disaster. Business continuity plans allow you to keep running your primary operations while lowering your recovery time.

Service Overview

How becoming ISO 22301 certified works

Investing in ISO 22301 could be loosely described as an insurance policy for your company. By implementing business continuity practices compliant with this international standard, you are developing a system that will save your company money in the long run by either preventing disruptive incidents from occurring or by becoming capable of faster recovery.

The upfront cost of investing in ISO 22301 is far smaller than the long-term cost of disruption, downtime, or data loss. Going through ISO 22301 helps businesses to fully understand how their data is stored and backed up, and how the entire business can be recovered in the event it is ever necessary. It also helps to identify areas of weakness and inefficiency that could cause disruptions in the first place.


The benefits of ISO 22301 certification

By earning your certification, you take steps to create a more operationally resilient business. You'll be better equipped to handle emergencies and manage crises and disasters, such as technology failures or the loss of critical resources. Plus, holding the certification protects your reputation and can help you speed up recovery time.


How to become ISO 22301 certified

There are around 17 steps to successfully become certified, which range from risk assessments to training and awareness. To begin, a gap analysis should be done to better assess the existing Business Continuity strategy to see how it compares to the ISO 22301 requirements. Additionally, several mandatory documents and records need to be collected. Once all gaps have been filled, an official certification readiness audit can commence.


The certification process

After your business continuity management system has been up and running for at least 3 months and has been subjected to a management review and a full internal audit cycle, you are then ready for the two-part certification process. If successful, you will be issued a certificate that is valid for 3 years. To keep the certificate active, yearly surveillance audits and recertification every 3 years must be conducted.

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ISO 22301 is part of our compliance frameworks

At Paladin, we pride ourselves on providing cyber defence in depth. Cyber security is a multi-faceted process that takes many different components working together harmoniously. ISO 22301 is only part of the puzzle. To make your life easier, we offer package deals that include several of our services so you can get the protection you need.

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