User Awareness Training

Empower your workforce with user awareness training

Out of all potential targets, hackers find human beings to be the softest and easiest to exploit. By arming employees with the ability to recognise, avoid, and report potential threats, they can help protect critical data and systems from malware, phishing attempts, ransomware, and spyware, both in the office and at home.

Service Overview

How user awareness security training works

Our courses are delivered in an interactive and easy-to-absorb way, either through bite-sized browser modules or instructor-led sessions. Furthermore, we reinforce what users learn with tests such as mock phishing simulations and other attack scenarios. This way, employees can remain informed about the ever-evolving threat landscape and take active steps to protect themselves and your business.

User awareness training is one of the most effective cyber security tools available to businesses, as hardened users are more likely to spot and report suspicious activity than those who have never encountered a cyber attack in real life.


Bite-sized browser training courses

Online training provides the benefits of being able to measure and improve employee cyber awareness. By using a short questionnaire, we can identify each user's weakest areas in security and create their unique risk profile. From there, we'll show the user which tailored training programs will help them boost their knowledge.


Instructor-led security training

In addition to our online security courses, we offer instructor-led training sessions that can be done in person or through zoom. These provide a more hands-on approach where users can get help with questions and explore different examples simultaneously. Instructor Led Training can also be more interactive, which can make it more interesting and engaging for employees.


An essential part of compliance

Given that almost every data protection regulation globally, including GDPR, necessitates user awareness training, our platform makes it easy to monitor progress and compliance during audits. Using our system, you can keep track of course participation, user grades, and employee risk scores, as well as produce a variety of custom reports.

Packaged Services

User awareness training is part of our foundation package

There are several key components to a strong cyber security defence, and user awareness training is just one of them. At Paladin, we've bundled together services that will be beneficial for your business into cost-effective packages.

assess & prevent
Foundation Package

All the building blocks required to build a strong defence.

protect & respond
Advanced Add-ons

The most advanced strategies available to businesses.

Compliance Packages

Frameworks for legal and best practice security compliance.

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