Phishing Simulations

Safeguard your team with phishing simulations

To evaluate your employee's capacity for withstanding phishing attempts, Paladin can offer simulated email campaigns that look like they have come from an authentic source. Through continued campaigns, you will be able to identify employees who need extra training on spotting these scams and take the necessary steps to keep your business and staff members safe.

Service Overview

How phishing simulations help train users

Phishing is a rampant threat that can be enormously destructive. In most cases, hackers disguise themselves as trustworthy entities and ask users for their passwords and usernames in a convincing way. By obtaining this information, they are able to bypass security protocols simply by logging into the system.

Phishing simulations can be seen as a vaccine for phishing; just as to develop immunity to a virus, you need to administer a small dose of the virus. To defend against phishing in your company you similarly administer realistic simulations so that employees know how to identify and deal with real phishing threats when they arise.


Send users phishing emails ad hoc

To make our phishing campaigns as realistic as possible, we impersonate well-known brands and internal staff members. This way, users are exposed to the most sophisticated scams that could occur in real life. The more difficult it is to spot our fake emails, the more suspicious users become of the emails they receive.


Provide ongoing training to users

By ensuring that your employees are constantly being trained and tested on cybersecurity, you can help to create a culture of security across your business. This will prepare users for when they encounter real phishing attempts and make it more likely that they will report malicious content so it can be dealt with before any damage is done.


Maintain a framework for compliance

Businesses need to provide security awareness training to staff to meet GDPR and other compliance requirements. Testing should be included as part of this ongoing learning process so that progress can effectively be monitored. With new recruits, different job roles and ever-changing phishing dangers, it's vital to assess current risk levels on a regular basis.

Packaged Services

Phishing simulations are part of our foundation package

If you want to safeguard your business from cyber attacks, you'll need to invest in a strong defence. Phishing simulations are just one part of that puzzle. Here at Paladin, we've put together packages of services that will be beneficial for your business.

assess & prevent
Foundation Package

All the building blocks required to build a strong defence.

protect & respond
Advanced Add-ons

The most advanced strategies available to businesses.

Compliance Packages

Frameworks for legal and best practice security compliance.

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