The ingredients for effective cyber security

To keep things simple, we've broken our cyber security services down into three sections: assessments, protection, and compliance. Assessments evaluate the robustness of your digital defences, while Protection services are used to combat threats by taking proactive action. Compliance services ensure that frameworks are followed either as a legal requirement or to safeguard your company and clients.


To stay on top of potential vulnerabilities, you need an efficient and reliable process for assessing your security posture. This includes regular analysis, auditing as well as continuous monitoring of all systems and endpoints.


In the past, businesses would take a passive approach to cybersecurity protection with firewalls and anti-virus software. Today, however, companies must be far more proactive in hunting threats and managing incidents. To get the most comprehensive visibility and protection possible for your organisation, you'll need access to a SOC team as well as EDR tools.


Some sectors require compliance with certain frameworks and standards. This involves issues like data privacy rules (e.g. GDPR) as well as industry-specific standards (e.g. PCI DSS). Some certifications are quite useful, regardless of the situation. For example, by adopting the Cyber Essentials recommendations, businesses can protect themselves from around 80% of known cyber-security threats.

Packaged Services

The perfect combination of services for your business

Paladin makes it easy to find the right cybersecurity services for your business by bundling them into comprehensive packages. By combining various services, Paladin helps you create a robust security infrastructure that covers all possible angles.

assess & prevent
Foundation Package

All the building blocks required to build a strong defence.

protect & respond
Advanced Add-ons

The most advanced strategies available to businesses.

Compliance Packages

Frameworks for legal and best practice security compliance.

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