When it comes to securing your business

The technical benefits are easy to quantify; a comprehensive security solution will help you avoid costly data breaches, bolster your security posture, and train users to avoid common threats. The emotional benefits are more difficult to measure but no less important. Investing in cyber security can give you and your team members a sense of confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you've done everything possible to protect your business.

Assess & Prevent

Our foundation package is designed to harden your defences

The 'Assess & Prevent' package is a comprehensive security solution that helps businesses protect themselves from data breaches and other cybersecurity threats. This provides businesses with a 360-degree overview of all aspects in which their networks are vulnerable, allowing them to take action to protect themselves.

Key Objectives

  • 360 degree security view of your company

  • Scan and patch vulnerabilities

  • Detect & mitigate threats to your network

  • Train users to avoid the most common threats

  • Bolster your security posture & your business

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Protect & Respond

Take complete control with our advanced add-ons

If you want the highest level of protection, it's worth considering a strategy that not only focuses on defensive tactics but also takes a significant stride in fighting back.

24/7 Live monitoring
Security Operations Centre (SOC)

The most powerful and cost effective cyber security solution available to businesses today.

Key Objectives
  • Real-time threat hunting and intelligence

  • 24/7/365 analysis of security events and incidents

  • Immediate response to security incidents

  • Continuous monitoring for threats and vulnerabilities

  • Improve visibility into your overall security posture

Hyper Intelligent
Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

AI powered software that proactively protects every laptop, computer, server, etc.

Key Objectives
  • Detect & respond to known and unknown threats

  • Automate resolution with one-click remediation

  • Provide highly accurate endpoint intelligence

  • Create unified security policies across departments

  • Allow analysts (or SOC team) to take action in real time

Get Expert Advice

Need a tailored security framework for your business?

At Paladin, we understand that every business has different needs. That's why we offer a range of services that can be customised to fit your specific objectives. Whether you're looking for a framework to follow, like ISO 27001, cyber essentials, or something else entirely, our team is on hand to help you create the perfect solution.

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